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Certified and trained in DermalPlaning, Chemical Peels, Advanced Collagen Skin Induction (Skin Needling) and Fibroblast Plasma, Ask us for a Skin Assessment/Consultation to begin your journey to a new you

We offer a variety of skin treatments and facials that are catered to improving your skin promote health, glow and hydration!

We are the only Salon in the South West that has the latest 7d HIFU machine for those 'lunchtime face-lifts'

We are your skin experts.



Dermasweep is the perfect non-invasive skin option for all skin types. 

Dermasweep 3.jpg

Our unique technology softly lifts the top layer of skin, increases micro-circulation, delivering important nutrients to the skin. Specific and personalised solutions are formulated for particular skincare needs, including soothing Hyaluronic acid, Peelfusions, and the Red Carpet Treatment. Your skin can be restored, and ageing reduced. 


Epiblading is the ultimate skin exfoliation experience. 


Epiblading is a gentle full-face treatment that exfoliates skin cells on the surface of the face, removing fluffy facial hair and dead skin. A safe surgical blade gently glides over the skin to remove and exfoliate, leaving the skin clean and healthy. To finish this satisfying treatment,  a cool and hydrating masque is applied to the face to promote smooth and hydrated skin.


Fibroblast Plasma is a minimally-invasive skin regeneration treatment. 

Flawless Skin

Plasma treatments are an exceptional way to encourage your skin to create newer and healthier skin cells. the result being that it improves wrinkles, lines and pigmentation. Plasma energy is delivered to the skin's surface, rejuvenating the skin and stimulating collagen cells. This treatment delivers similar outcomes to face-lifts by tightening the skin, but without the invasive procedure!

LED therapy

LED increases tissue and collagen in the skin, smoothing and decreasing damage. 


There are multiple applications for LED therapy, including blue and red light frequencies, which don't contain UV and are willingly soaked up by the skin  Red light treats the outer layer of skin, reducing wrinkles and lines, as well as inflammation and improving circulation  Blue Light focuses on oil glands, decreasing oily skin and acne outbreaks, as well as pimples and spots. 

Image by Park Street


Lira Mystiq Enzyme

The Lira Mystiq Enzyme Facial is a nourishing, hydrating facial that promotes anti-ageing, moisture and skin health, with zero downtime!

Lira Acne Facial

The Lira Acne facial is perfectly catered for your acne concerns, working to contain acne outbreaks, redness and maintain a clear complexion. 

Jessner Peel

The Jessner Peel is a luxurious treatment that works to reduce acne, skin damage, redness and ageing skin, by removing dead skin layers and drying out acne. 

Green Power Peel
Green Power 2.webp

The Green Power Peel is a mechanical exfoliator that tightens flat and sagging skin, bringing back that youthful and refreshed skin look.

Natural Beauty

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