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Our salon specialises in total lash perfection.
We provide a great selection of lash styles and designs, including Classics, Hybrids, Soft Volume, Luxe Volume and Mega Volume.
Each lash set is catered perfectly to your face and eye shape, to optimise and reveal your inner beauty and confidence. 

Adding Lashes
Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are that look of luxury, whilst keeping it light and natural. 

Each delicate lash fibre is attached to the client's natural lash with absolute precision, giving that desirable soft-eye look. 

The curl, length and density of lashes on each eye is catered to the client's unique eye shape!


Want to know about our services?

Russian Volume

The glamorous, full lash look you've been waiting for. 

RUSSIAN VOLUME lashes break away from our Classic Lash look, rather than having one extension applied to each lash, there can be 2-8 extensions applied. This look is soft, fluffy, voluminous and striking. 

Image by Aleksandra Rupar

Looking to enhance your lashes without the extensions? A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes, lifting and darkening each natural lash to give them a natural mascara-look without the mascara!

Image by Hayley Kim Design

Wanting an in-between look for volume and classic lashes? Hybrid lashes combine the natural and light lash with volume glam to give you a sophisticated and feathery eyelash look.

Image by Fernanda Nuso

The mega lash look is an industry innovation! 10-16 Premium Silk Lashes are hand crafted into a beautiful fan shape for each natural lash. This look is Bold, Fluffy, Soft and gives the Wow Factor !!!

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